Lobby for the Change you want to See in 2023

Youth Lobbyists from the Methow visiting Olympia in 2019

One way to bring about lasting, long-term change is to have that change codified into law. Statewide policies and budgets have a big impact on everything from how communities plan for climate change, to how waste and recycling is managed, to how statewide agencies are funded. In 2020, MVCC established the MVCC Action Fund, a 501(c)4, to make sure that Methow Valley and Okanogan County voices were being heard in Olympia and to advocate for legislation, policies, programs, and public officials that protect and improve our natural environment and rural character. Below are two significant ways to take action during this 2023 Legislative Session which lasts until April 23rd:

Look for weekly MVCC Action Fund Action Alerts
Every week we sit down with our environmental lobbyist in Olympia and look at the priority environmental bills that will have a local impact. We then send these bills to you with an easy action you can take–calling or emailing legislators or signing in pro or con at the hearing. Make sure you're on Methow Action's email list to receive these weekly emails during the legislative session. We will also post our alerts under our Issues tab on our website.  You can also follow us on instagram @methowaction.

Participate in the Virtual Statewide Environmental Lobby Days on February 14,15 and 16
For the first time this year, MVCCAF is part of the Environmental Priorities Coalition, a group of 27 statewide environmental organizations working to safeguard our environment and the health of our communities in the Washington State. The Coalition, with help from Washington Conservation Action, is organizing an Environmental Lobby Days that will prioritize climate action, land use, salmon recovery, and waste reduction.  Lobbying is a great way to advocate for issues you care about directly to legislators. You’ll attend issue briefings, learn how to lobby your legislator for environmental progress, hear from inspiring speakers, attend breakout sessions, take digital actions and meet virtually with your elected officials.
Register for Environmental Lobby Days